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Ashu Chawla

Mediosa management mum, on the run

Employees at the struggling Gupta-linked Mediosa have still not been paid and staff fear that management has abandoned them to flee to India. It appears that the company’s management has followed the example set by the controversial Gupta brothers and bolted for India. Mediosa recently made...

The Guptas and the high altitude hijack

Jean le Roux The Guptas are well known for their alleged role in state capture in South Africa. But the #GuptaLeaks show how Gupta lieutenants allegedly went about capturing an Indian aviation company. Heritage Aviation is an Indian aviation company with no apparent direct links to the Guptas or...

Pillars of Sand Part 1: The Gupta temple and the man-on-top loader

A R200m temple, built in honour of the Gupta brothers’ late father, Shiv, was erected in their home town of Saharanpur using money laundered through several of the Gupta brothers’ Indian and Dubai companies. In March this year, Indian revenue authorities raided several of the Gupta...