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Atul Gupta

WATCH: The Guptas’ bogus Dubai businesses

Pieter-Louis Myburgh and Angelique Serrao The Gupta family and some of their associates have established an extensive network of front companies in and around Dubai that has been used to conceal and allegedly launder hundreds of millions of rands in dubious payments linked to government contracts...

Dubai: the Guptas’ city of shells

Angelique Serrao and Pieter-Louis Myburgh On the surface, Dubai is one of the world’s great success stories. Its towering skyscrapers and glaring opulence bear testimony to a desert boom-town that has experienced nearly unrivalled economic growth in the last few decades. But the shiny office...

#GuptaLeaks: Questions surround Guptas’ minimal tax returns

For the past few years, there has been no family in South Africa more famous for their lavish personal lifestyles than the Guptas. Yet evidence from the #GuptaLeaks email trove shows that between 2011 and 2013, SARS accepted declarations from the three Gupta brothers to the effect that they earned...