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Atul Gupta

Pillars of Sand Part 1: The Gupta temple and the man-on-top loader

A R200m temple, built in honour of the Gupta brothers’ late father, Shiv, was erected in their home town of Saharanpur using money laundered through several of the Gupta brothers’ Indian and Dubai companies. In March this year, Indian revenue authorities raided several of the Gupta...

#GuptaLeaks: Meet the money launderers

The Guptas used an international network of scrap metal dealers to launder hundreds of millions in kickbacks between China, India, UAE and SA. We introduce them. amaBhungane and Scorpio It must have been good news for Piyoosh Goyal when the State Bank of India approved his Rs750m (R120m then) loan...

#GuptaLeaks: How MultiChoice paid the Guptas millions

Johannesburg – MultiChoice, the pay-TV company that owns DStv and M-Net, made a questionable payment of R25m to the Guptas’ controversial ANN7 channel, the #GuptaLeaks show. In addition, MultiChoice increased its annual payment to ANN7 from R50m to R141m. The payments came after the family...