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Dubai: the Guptas’ city of shells

Angelique Serrao and Pieter-Louis Myburgh On the surface, Dubai is one of the world’s great success stories. Its towering skyscrapers and glaring opulence bear testimony to a desert boom-town that has experienced nearly unrivalled economic growth in the last few decades. But the shiny office...

#GuptaLeaks: Tegeta buyer ‘hid’ Gupta assets before

In an apparent fire sale of South African assets, the Guptas first saddled up Mzwanele Manyi with their media interests; now they are pawning off their coal mines to a hitherto unknown Swiss vehicle. The Guptas have sold their coal assets in Tegeta Exploration and Resources to a Swiss shell company...

#GuptaLeaks: How the Guptas paid for Zuma home

As President Jacob Zuma’s fate hangs in the balance, new evidence shows it was not only his son Duduzane, but also his fourth wife and their young son – and by extension he – who benefited from Gupta largesse. The #GuptaLeaks show that millions were paid towards an exclusive property purchase –...