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Ashu Chawla

Pillars of Sand Part 1: The Gupta temple and the man-on-top loader

A R200m temple, built in honour of the Gupta brothers’ late father, Shiv, was erected in their home town of Saharanpur using money laundered through several of the Gupta brothers’ Indian and Dubai companies. In March this year, Indian revenue authorities raided several of the Gupta...

#GuptaLeaks: The captured presidency

The Gupta influence network reached into the heart of the Presidency, the #Guptaleaks show, drawing into their web at least three people who were just a whisper away from President Jacob Zuma. They targeted officials holding positions of personal trust closest to Zuma, offering gifts, favours and...

#GuptaLeaks: How Guptas picked up military vets’ conference tab

Organising political events can be an expensive business – especially for a group like the Umkhonto weSizwe Military Veterans’ Association (MKMVA), which has been plagued by allegations of looting by its leadership for years. In such situations, it helps to have rich friends. Enter the Guptas...