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Key Players

Tony Gupta Bio

Rajesh Gupta, better known as Tony, is the youngest brother at 45. Tony touched down in Johannesburg in 1997 and since renounced his Indian citizenship for South African. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from JV Jain Degree College in India. It is Tony who is thought to have the closest...

Salim Essa Bio

Salim Aziz Essa (39) is relatively new to the Gupta fold, but over the last few years the businessman has taken on an increasingly important role in the family’s broader business network. A source familiar with the Guptas’ business associates says Essa first became acquainted with Rajesh “Tony”...

Ajay Gupta Bio

Ajay Gupta is the oldest brother, born in 1966. He holds a B. Comm degree from JV Jain Degree College in India. The Hindustan Times once described him as a “living god” to his friends and admirers, recounting how he has brought Bollywood celebrities and sports stars to his small home town of...